Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year, New Year's resolutions and self-improvement.  So I took a stab at the traditional resolutions. 

- Be a better husband, brother, father, son, etc.
- Lose weight
- Eat better
- Learn a new language

Those are boring.  Here are my new resolutions based on things that matter:


1. Sell a couple of bikes.  Thin the herd.  Probably selling one road bike, one recumbent, and one tandem.  I thnk the tandem scares the bejesus out of my wife.
2. Train for and finish a triathlon.  I don't know why, but I haven't done one before.
3. Build a single speed.  Find an old frame and re-configure some old wheels to take a single speed freewheel and use some of the parts I have laying around.
4. Ride another tour.  Probably go to Wisconsin again.
5. Rent a bike in Austin, Texas and ride the Capital of Texas Highway from Research Blvd. to Bee Cave Road and back.  I lived in Austin for four years and never went and did this.  I'll get my friend Mike to ride with me and watch him gasp for air and then go to Taco Cabana for soft tacos and Shiner Bocks.


1. Make a pilgrimage to Owensboro, Kentucky and eat mutton barbecue.
2. Make barbecue from an obscure type of meat.  More obscure than mutton.  Send suggestions.
3. Go to Arthur Bryant's in downtown Kansas City.  They put your meat, fries, bread, and anything else on butcher paper and roll it up to go.
4. Go to Rudy's in Austin, Texas.  Order brisket and sausage.  Accompany with white bread, Shiner Bock and banana pudding.
5. Find a source for whole pork shoulders, including the picnic.  Cook referenced shoulder.


1. Try a new beer style.  Maybe something from Ethiopia.
2. Evangelize the virtues of nitrogen beers, especially Boddingtons, with a nod to Murphy's, Caffrey's, and Guiness.
3. Host a blind beer tasting.
4. Visit the Shlafly Tap Room in downtown St. Louis.
5. Tour a brewery I haven't visited before.

I think these are noble resolutions.  I will keep everyone apprised of my progress during the year.


  1. On your biking resolutions...

    #1--I'm showing that resolution to Jeff every time he complains about my two bikes. :)

    #2--I'm totally doing a triathlon this year. A real one, as opposed to the virtual one I just did.

    BBQ emu or ostrich

  2. A guy at work brought in some BBQ Beaver it was pulled style and hard to get a real taste of the beaver.

  3. In the past, I've found emu and ostrich to be dry. Too low fat. Beaver is interesting, but I've not seen it at Schnucks. My neighbor says he'll catch me a snapping turtle, but I'm not sure where I would start.

    There's a bison farm out by Breese. Maybe bison ribs?