Friday, October 29, 2010

UCI Announces Suspensions (None for Doping)

Well, the UCI (International Cycling Union or something like that in French) handed out two suspensions today.

The first suspension was to Johan Bruyneel. He has been given a two-month suspension by the International Cycling Union (UCI). He and the RadioShack directors and riders have also all been fined for wearing non-authorized jerseys at the start of the final stage of the Tour de France this summer.  The team violated UCI regulations by wearing an unauthorized jersey at the closing stage. The team built around Lance Armstrong started the stage in a black jersey advertising Armstrong's Livestrong charity, instead of their usual RadioShack jerseys, but were forced to change jerseys during the stage.  Since the UCI has such a hard time regulating doping, they have decided to instead regulate a dress code.

The second suspension was to Carlos Barredo for attacking Rui Costa with his front wheel. He attempted to hit the Portuguese rider over the head with the wheel, but the four ounce wheel disintegrated on impact.  Not really, but I would have chosen to smack him with a full water bottle which weighs more and costs much less.

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