Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fruit in Beer?

Okay, let's make this clear.  I like lots of different beer.  I like Budweiser, Guinness Stout, Schlafly Hefeweizen, and a host of others.  But not fruit beer.  Not generally.

I think it's because I don't like mixing things that much.  I like coffee and I like ice cream.  But not coffee ice cream.  The same goes with fruit beer.  I like fruit. I like beer.  But not fruit beer.  Until now.

I would encourage all of you beer lovers to try the Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier.  I know it's towards the tail end of the white beer season, but look for a few leftover six-packs at the store.  This beer has a light fruit flavor and is not too sweet.  It also has the traditional flavorings from a witbier.  Think of it as a Blue Moon with blackberries instead of oranges.  Except better.  The body is a bit heaver than Blue Moon and the flavors are more subtle but somehow stronger.

For a dinner, I would pair this with ... barbecue.  Actually, it would probably go best with a grilled chicken or fish.

Anyway, have a taste.

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  1. Ooh...first comment on the first blog. How exciting.

    I'm with you. I like fruit...I like salad...I even like fruit salad. But not fruit IN salad. And not beer. At all.