Friday, May 6, 2011

Biking Season Begins in Earnest

Man, I have been negligent on my posts for the past few weeks. 

Last weekend, I went over and ran the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon in Louisville.  This is a great run, that is, if you like running.  I decided at around the 8-mile mark that I did not like to run any more.  I had made the cardinal mistake of not drinking enough water prior to the race.  I was walking around the starting line already thirsty.  By the time I started to drink at the first water stop, I was already doomed.  I was fine through the first eight miles, but the last five were a booger.

Nonetheless, I managed to finish 25 minutes faster than last year, which only goes to show you how slow I was last year.  2:10 is not a bad half-marathon for a non-runner, but I would have liked to finish under two hours.

Tomorrow is the annual "Tour de Stooges" over in Highland, IL.  Roger Kramer ( does an excellent job with this ride each year.  My riding companions for this year only want to take on the 42-mile route.  They don't think that they have enough miles in for the 65-mile route.

Next on the race schedule is the Highland Memorial Day Biathlon.  This is a five mile run followed by a 15-mile bike ride.  See if you are interested in participating.


  1. You HAVE been negligent. For shame. :)

    I drank enough for the both of us before the marathon, but then I spent every other water stop in the bathroom, so I guess we need a good middle ground.

    I'd hoped to do the stooges this year, but Nathan has a volleyball tournament all day. So much for that. Have fun!

    Hey...I think I'm going to do this after Conquer Castlewood if you're interested. A new type of event in which to get my butt kicked.

  2. Congrats on your half marathon!