Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alternate Food and Drink Suggestions for Bicycling

We've all seen the advertisements and some of us have succumbed to them.  All of these companies trying to sell us the latest in cycling food and recovery food and drink.

Well I say "Fie!"

Here are a list of things that I like to eat during long rides.  These have many benefits, primarily that they taste good.

-- Chocolate milk - great substitute for Gatorade at the 50 mile mark of a century

-- YooHoo - same as chocolate milk

 -- Oatmeal cream pies - These babies lie flat in your jersey pocket and go down easy

-- Brownies wrapped in bacon - the adventure racers made these popular, claiming the right amount of fat, carbs, and protein

 -- Ham & cheese biscuit - I actually ate one of these in the middle of a Cat. 3 road race, still better than a Powerbar

-- Beer - see any references to RAGBRAI

 -- Bratwurst - see any references to Wisconsin

-- Barbecue - ate a massive plate 50 miles into a 110 mile ride in Georgia, felt okay again at about 60 miles

 -- Donuts - Tour de Donut, Staunton, Illinois, July 9, 2011

I have probably eaten a lot of other things while out bicycling, and I still say they're all better than Powerbars.


  1. I think donuts is highly dependent on the number of donuts consumed. 11 is a bad number, in my experience.

  2. Yes, 11 has a bad donut "feng shui" to it. I think you should have eaten 14, a double lucky number.