Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The County Commissioner of Beers

Let's face it.  There are a lot of beer snobs out there.  Beer, which used to be the working man's drink, has started to get all uppity.  Beer has strayed from it roots.  Working guys were referred to as "Joe Six-Pack", not "Joseph Triple Dry-Hopped Belgian Lambic IPA".

Budweiser calls itself the King of Beers.  Miller High Life calls itself the Champagne of Beers.  Pretty pretentious if you ask me.  We need a beer for guys who eat pork steaks, who know how to run a chain saw, who can wire a 240 volt air conditioner circuit, who can solder a repair fitting after someone drives a nail into your water pipe.

We don't need a king.  But we could use a good repairman, a good general contractor, a good tool and die-maker.  How about "The County Commissioner of Beers"?

So, I present you the County Commissioner of Beers.  Specifically, Clinton County, Illinois.

Stag Beer  

Now before all of you beer snobs turn up your nose, I challenge you to try a bottle.  And you don't have to spend a fortune to try it.  In Edwardsville, Illinois, you can buy a 12-pack for $7.99 or you can get a $1.00 bottle at the back bar at Laurie's Place every day.  Even at Cleveland Heath (a local upscale restaurant), Stag is priced at a whopping $2.00.

Stag has been brewed since 1851.  Stag was originally brewed in Belleville, Illinois, by Griesedick Western Brewing.  In the 1950's, Stag was sold in 22 states and was the 11th largest brand in the country.

And Stag is a highly underrated beer within its style.  Beer snobs may have a disdain for this style, but don't show disrespect for Stag.  I contend that it is the best beer in the American Lager style.  This style of beer should be lightly carbonated, dry rather than sweet, and very lightly hopped. Stag meets the criteria on all levels.  Stag has won numerous blind tastings and awards.

Stag is priced below the national brands for a simple reason: advertising and marketing.  Stag is not advertised and is distributed in a limited area in southwestern Illinois and southeastern Missouri.

The Stag brand is now owned by the Pabst Brewing Company.  They claim to be the largest American-owned brewing company.  They have acquired many regional brands such as Old Style, Lone Star, Rainier, Stroh's, Schaefer, and Olympia.  Note that there is another Stag beer brewed in Trinadad.  It is not related to Stag Beer of the Midwest.

So, don't be a snob.  Solder some copper pipe, fire up the chain saw, cook a pork steak, and drink a Stag.

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