Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catching Up on the Blog, Part 1

Well, I have been neglecting the blog updates.  I’ve been doing a little traveling this summer and one of the places that I have enjoyed visiting is the Netherlands. 
Obligatory Windmill Picture
The Netherlands get a 4-star rating out of five.  There are bicycles everywhere.  There are bicycle roads and bicycle lanes everywhere.  My hotel had bicycles to rent or borrow. 

I stayed in a non-descript suburb of The Hague called Nootdorp, very near the famous Dutch town of Delft.  Delft is very famous for their blue and white pottery.

The country was very clean and also had excellent beer.  At dinner one night, I had a wheat beer called Wiehanstephan from Germany.  This is the world’s oldest active brewery, having started under the direction of Benedictine monks in the year 1040.
This was an excellent wheat beer, so I had a couple.
971 years of wheat beer goodness
The only down side to The Netherlands is their complete and utter lack of anything resembling barbecue.  Even the cheeseburgers are sort of an odd color.  No one had ever heard of pulled pork. 
So, a one star deduction for Holland.  I am looking forward to a return visit this fall.


  1. Sounds like a cool trip. Maybe you could open up a bbq joint there :-).

  2. He can't open a BBQ joing in the Netherlands because then I'd have to find a new bike mechanic. Great pictures!

  3. The food in the Netherlands was so-so, except for the breakfasts, which were exceptional. I could eat brie and prosciutto, followed by double espressos every morning.

    I think pulled pork would be a big hit over there. But I don't know if they would grant me an immigration visa to serve Q.